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Choosing the right kind of fencing for your property is like choosing the right kind of car for your family. Each fence is unique to each type of situation. Fencing will vary in costs, so be sure to only get the fence that best serves the function it is needed for.

Hurricane Fences

Hurricane fences are great for backyards in a residential neighborhood. It has an advantage over wood fencing because it will not rot, warp or fade, and it will also allow you to see out beyond your yard. A big disadvantage is that there is no privacy with a hurricane fence.

Wooden Fences

Wooden fences are also best for neighborhoods and they allow for privacy too. You can choose from pine fence or cedar fence boards. Cedar fencing Gainesville is more expensive, but it will last longer against the elements as compared to pine.

Barbed Wire Fencing

If you own a home in the country, you may want to consider barbed wire fencing for its relatively low cost per foot. It’s ideal for fencing large areas for livestock or to mark off property lines.

Whatever type of fencing you choose, let Father & Son Fencing Inc. give you a free estimate for your next fencing project. They have the expertise to guide you in choosing the right type of fence for you. The expert fence installers at Father & Son Fencing Inc. are friendly, courteous, and on time. They guarantee their work and it will be done right the first time.
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Chain Link Fence

Installing chain link fences throughout Gainesville, FL

A chain link fence in Gainesville is one of the most well-known types of fencing that is available. These fences are common around the perimeter of many people’s homes, and they are also popular around many businesses. Chain link fences are so common around the country and the world, mainly due to the fact that they are a very cost effective choice of fencing, they are sturdy, easy to install, and they require very little maintenance.

These fences are a great option, especially for people with pets or small children. These fences help to keep everything contained in the appropriate area. It also helps the homeowner to keep better track of the pets or small children so they do not run off. These fences Gainesville will only require very little maintenance, so you do not have to worry about spending extra time and money to keep them looking great.

When you are ready to install your new fence, you need to find a great fencing company to install it. That great company is Father & Son Fencing Inc. They will meet with you and give you an estimate of the total cost of the fencing and the labor. They will also take the time to talk about your desires with your chain link fence, and discuss all of the questions and concerns that you may have. Getting a great chain link fence for your home only requires you to contact Father & Son Fencing Inc. very soon.



Privacy Fencing


Providing Privacy Fencing for all of Gainesville FL

Privacy fencing Gainesville FL is becoming more popular every year. This fencing looks absolutely beautiful in practically any part of your yard. It comes in a wide variety of colors and different choices of material, so you will be able to match the exterior of your home without any problem at all. This great fencing is also very easy to maintain, and keeps prying eyes out of your yard. All that you really need to do to keep it looking its best is wash it down periodically.

The great thing about privacy fencing is that it looks so great all of the time. This fencing really adds a great amount of value to your home. Imagine how great it will feel to come home to a beautifully fenced in yard. The fencing is also popular because it can be used to create boundaries with neighbors and also for children. Fences have always been popular because they give people and animals boundaries. When you are choosing the type of fence that you want, the first thing to consider is the color. You also need to consider the type of look that you want to create. Take a good look at the variety of styles that are available.

Father & Son Fencing Inc. is your one stop shop for fencing. We will help you to make any of the decisions that need to be made. We have a long history of excellent customer service, and we will work with you until you are overly pleased with the work that we have done. Let’s get that fence started.



Wood Fencing

Serving all of Gainesville and Bronson FL

Most homeowner desire to have a protected back yard that is secure and beautiful. Wood fencing from Father & Son Fencing, Inc. is best way to achieve this goal.

Wood Fencing provides a variety of benefits to the home owner that other fencing materials cannot. These include:

  • Beauty – a well maintained wood fence can be an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to any house. Materials such as cedar provide a beautiful fence that will remain for years and years. Lower cost materials such as pine can offer the same benefits as cedar. Some home owners prefer to stain the fence once it is erected to achieve a desired look and to provide additional weather protection.
  • Security – wood fences built with adequate posts and runners are as strong as some of their metal counterparts. The close spacing of the slats keep any prying eyes from seeing into the back yard. Lockable gates also can be added to any wood fence for the added piece of mind some people desire.
  • Ease of Repair – most home owners have the required tools that are needed to fix any broken part of a wood fence. Most issues, such as a missing slat or loose board, can be repaired with a few nails and a hammer. Metal fences require much more equipment and a professional to repair most of the time.

Wood fencing in Gainesville is a great option for home owners wanting to protect their investment. Father & Son Fencing, Inc. can help provide a long lasting, beautiful fence that will be a source of pride.

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